The Beijing launch of the Hisense L5 laser TV with its 80-inch screen

With its sponsorship of the imminent FIFA World Cup, Hisense is in a strong position to capitalise on what is expected to be a hump in TV sales as the competition progresses.

And in addition to its latest 2018 ULED TV range, Hisense is globally launching a new laser TV which will deliver an 80-inch image for a price far below that of its 100-inch laser TV model shown in 2017 at CES and IFA.  

Laser TVs are not really TVs, as such, more a short-throw projector that delivers a large image to a screen above the unit. The new 80-inch L5 laser TV, launched in Beijing on May 17, promises 400 nits brightness and comes with a new-generation custom-made Danish DNP high-gain anti-light hard screen. But the projector also includes TV functionality -  including tuner and smart interface - hence the 'TV' tag.

Hisense claims the L5 system's brightness enables a clear picture display “no matter how bright the surrounding light… viewed comfortably without needing to draw the curtains or close the shutters”.

The resolution of the image was not specified, but one of the Beijing labels clearly indicates 4K, while the company says it can “be viewed comfortably even when sitting as close as 3 meters" The new unit also plays to the sports promotion with a new ‘VIDAA AI’ system that includes an automatic sports mode, star recognition and screenshot sharing — we confess to being thrilled by the idea of screenshot sharing direct from a TV!

Hisense Australia is holding a product launch on Wednesday night in Sydney, at which this L5 model may or may not be confirmed for our market, and until then we have no price or availability other than the Chinese price tag of 19,999 yuan (approx. US$3140, compared with US$9999 for the 100-inch L7), together with Hisense HQ’s claim that it “expects laser television to become the big disruptor in the home theater market for 2018”.

Our story on the previous 100-inch L9 is here.

More info: Hisense Australia