Munich release: Nagra's Classic PSU can be used with up to three Classic or legacy Nagra components.

At CES Nagra showed its HD PREAMP. At Munich it has a power supply upgrade for its Classic line-up, in the new Classic PSU.

During the HD PREAMP design phase, says Nagra, its team ran extensive tests in the field of power supplies. The result is the  new power supply that Nagra says enables the preamplifier to reach new heights in terms of specifications as well as audio performance.

The new Classic PSU is a direct re-work of the HD PSU to generate lower voltage (12V DC) and to fit in a Classic line chassis. Nagra says the Classic PSU improves sound stage, dynamic range, and provides a sense of silence and stress-less performance that results in a more analog-like sound. The overall precision is improved without creating any harshness.

The company points to significant developments in power supplies over the last decade to assist these possibilities. 

The brand new Classic PSU features two revolutionary solutions that set it apart from just great power supplies. While batteries offer many advantages, it says, such as isolation from the mains, "they are not necessary stable, as the voltage they deliver continuously drops as they discharge. Second it is sometimes frustrating to wait for a battery to recharge before being able to listen to music."

The answer is simple but costly, says Nagra - super cap technology, low voltage condensers with a super capacity. By stacking enough super-caps, you can achieve a 12V virtual battery.

"The sonic result is actually superior to using a battery," says Nagra, "and there is no battery charging cycle to worry about."

Nagra's other secret weapon is the use of revolutionary carbide silicon diodes for voltage rectifiers. These diodes, used in space and military technology avoid rectifier noise through their extremely short recovery time, yielding a major improvement on noise figures.

The Classic PSU also offers 50% more power than the previous generation power supply MPS. The Classic PSU will start shipping during our Australian winter, and will replace the MPS. It can be used on the Classic Nagra products as well as legacy products such as PL-L, VPS, CDC, CDP and CDT players as well as JAZZ and MELODY.

We await local pricing, but at Munich the European pricing was announced at targeted retail price of 10,500 Euro for the two-output version and 12,500 Euro for a three-output version.  

Nagra is distributed in Australia by Advance Audio Australia: