Krix Heretix

Krix Loudspeakers will be demonstrating a prototype of this new Heretix speaker system at the Australian Audio & AV Show in Melbourne next week.

"This is a speaker that Scott Krix has wanted to build for some time", Krix tells us from the HQ in South Australia, "and we thought the time was right for Krix to show their design capabilities in the high end speaker market by incorporating our patented horn design technology."

The HERETIX is a fully active three-way design utilising Australian DEQX processing for driver time alignment and electronic crossover. The DEQX processor also provides room calibration capability and these speakers will come with a complimentary calibration in the customers' homes by a member of the Krix engineering team (anywhere in Australia, we're told).

We're told the main aims for the design team in developing this speaker were high dynamic range, ultralow distortion, constant energy into the room, flat frequency response, in-room response of 20Hz to 20kHz, zero or minimum phase shift, high maximum SPLs, low power compression, and an ability for room equalisation. We gather that this was always considered a no-holds-barred design.

The HERETIX demonstration at the Australian Audio & AV Show will be a totally Australian affair, with the DEQX processor (made in NSW) and Elektra power amplifiers (made in Victoria), and of course the speaker system designed and manufactured in South Australia.

The final production model will be available for sale in the first quarter of 2017, pricing yet to be confirmed!

Scott Krix himself will be doing demonstrations in the Laneway 3 Ballroom (Rialto Rooms) during the Show, and the speakers will also be used for the Classic Vinyl Session with John Paul Young on the Sunday afternoon.

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