The HEOS wireless multiroom platform has received another significant boost in becoming Alexa-controllable using Amazon’s Alexa voice control, with functionality released across all HEOS HS2, Denon and Marantz HEOS-enabled audio products.

This first release allows a variety of basic commands such as 'Alexa, Play Kitchen' or 'Alexa, switch input to Blu-Ray in Theatre', we are told by QualiFi, Australia's distributor for Denon, Marantz and HEOS, and coming soon, but not yet possible, is the rather more useful ability to specify the music to be played, e.g. ‘Alexa, play Led Zeppelin in the kitchen’.

The joy of all this is currently limited by the fact that Amazon’s Alexa voice control platform is not officially supported in Australia - try to buy one from Amazon and you’re greeted with “This product does not ship to Australia”.

But there are plenty of users here who have imported them via other channels, and with Amazon poised to devastate the Australian retail scene shortly, we assume Alexa will be officially available here in the near future, to join Google Home which launched earlier this year.

HEOS has also added iHeartRadio as a service to Australia, pretty darned handy now that Pandora has deserted us. iHeartradio offers similar Artist-based and genre-based radio to the dear departed Pandora, and even if you’re not near a HEOS unit, you can try it right now by signing up at

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