Focal’s new 100-Series of in-wall and in-ceiling custom install loudspeakers is said to be the culmination of five years of research and development.

The Focal team began working on this new range five years ago,’ said Gareth Weller of N.A. Distributors, which distributes Focal in Australia. ‘The brief to the design team was clear; design a range of speakers to cover every room in the home, to suit different room sizes, and for multiple uses—sound distribution, home cinema, etc. It sounds impossible, however the Focal team delivered!

The new Focal 100-Series of CI-Fi speakers includes in-wall, in-ceiling and LCR models, so that stereo, audio-visual and ambient music applications are all catered for. All models have Focal’s signature , inverted dome tweeters, frameless magnetic grilles, tropicalised polyglass drivers that enables use in damp environments, and the ICW5, ICW6 and ICW8 models are shipped with both circular and square grilles, allowing owners to choose which shape best suits their aesthetic leanings.

The Focal 100 Series comprises the following models:

• In-ceiling stereo speaker - 100 IC6ST ($350 each)
• In-ceiling LCR speaker - 100 ICLCR5 ($670 each)
• 2-way in-wall speaker - 100 IW6 ($300 each)
• 2-way in-wall LCR speaker - 100 IWLCR5 ($385 each)

As well as three ICW speakers 5-inch, 6.5-inch, and 8-inch: 

• 100 ICW5 ($250 each)
• 100 ICW6 ($300 each)
• 100 ICW8 ($375 each)

For more information, contact N.A. Distributors