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Epson is rolling out 11 of its big-gun projectors in support of the 10th Gertrude Street Projection Festival in Melbourne later this month, as the Fitzroy street “bursts with visual art and culture” each night from 6pm, from Friday 21 to Sunday 30 July

Epson’s flagship EB-L25000UNL laser projector is being used at the Gertrude Hotel by artist Ash Coates in his work entitled Mycolinguistics (Rubico-Sterolosis or Oneness) – see image above.

For those wishing to investigate the work in advance, its audio component, composed by Alister Mew, can be heard here: 

While Coates’ video “draws from images of both real and imaginary places to examine the future of our environment, relationships between micro and macro worlds and the language and networks that exist within our biosphere”. The work combines paintings and digital media “in a mix of pixels, molecules and cosmic energy” – and with 25,000 lumens available from Epson’s laser projector, visitors should be able to absorb that cosmic energy at full force.

Epson also has a pair of 12,000-lumens EB-L1505UNL projectors at the festival, one for Ian de Gruchy’s ‘Turning Point for Futures Past’ and the second at Turnley’s Roller Door for ‘Settlers and Savages’ by Peter Waples-Crowe with Megan Evans.

Other Epson projectors used at the festival include an EB-L1300UNL by Amanda Morgan at the Builder’s Arms for ‘If they build a wall, we can scale it’, the EB-G7905UNL by Glynn Urquhart at Johnstons Façade for Future Flesh Forms and the EB-G7500UNL by Rose Staff at El Lobo for Reflective INK.

There are also Epson EB-2265U, EB-1460Ui and EB-G7400UNL projectors used at other installations – a total of eleven - across the entire festival.

The Festival Hub at Catfish will also present 10 nights of live music as well as Little Woods & Seventh Galleries showcasing a contemporary spin on the projection art medium.

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