The 2018 Intermeet organised by Indi Imports was the first of a planned biennial schedule of future Intermeets, bringing together selected Indi Imports brands to show their wares, and even make announcements.

The Intermeet is mostly to allow the brands to present themselves to Australian and New Zealand retailers. A couple of us writer types were allowed to peek over their shoulders.

Stephen Dawson reports from the Elipson session. 

What is it about the French? The thing that jumped out at me from the stand of French firm Elipson were the two bright red, 150mm diameter spheres sitting on posts.

They were Planet M speakers, two way coaxial speakers with 100mm bass/midrange and 20mm silk dome tweeters. I'm thinking Cabasse, another French firm, and wondering if someone might have copied someone else. If someone did, it wasn't Elipson, since it has been around since 1938, making spherical speakers for about that long.

But in Australia it is focusing on the Planet M and Planet L (290mm diameter, 165mm/25mm coaxial drivers) speakers, a subwoofer, a music centre and some turntables. The Planet Sub is cylindrical and packs a 200mm driver pushed by 200 watts. It's available in black, white and, of course, bright red. The Planet M and Planet L add some more colour options.It actually has quite a range of speakers, including the much larger (a 500mm sphere) BS50 Tribute speaker with its distinctive 'Acoustic Reflector' on top (right), and some in more conventional speaker shapes.

The stylish 2 x 120 watt ICEPower amped Music Center BT is a flat cylinder, 73mm tall and 330mm in diameter. It has DAB+ and FM, a CD player, USB input and, as the name suggests, Bluetooth. It supports the aptX codec for higher quality wireless sound.

Normally I'd note that you'll only get an advantage from that if you use certain premium model Android phones. Except ... turntables.

Elipson also has two lines of turntables, the Alpha and the Omega. The first and last? I imagine that was intentional. The Alpha has an PVC chassis and aluminium tone arm, while the Omega has a heavier acrylic lacquer chassis and a carbon tone arm. Both come with an Ortofon OM10 cartridge. Both are pre-assembled, so it's just a matter of taking them out of the box and plugging them in.

Perhaps not even plugging them in. Each comes in three versions: the standard model is for use with regular phono inputs, the RIAA model has a built-in phono preamplifier and RIAA equalisation, and the RIAA BT model adds to that Bluetooth with support for the aptX codec, as well as a USB connection (for connecting to a computer for recording).

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