We enjoyed our time with the Cyrus One amplifier when we reviewed it at $1299. Now we hear that distributor Indi Imports has reduced the price to $999 for a limited time, making it all the more attractive.

The now-$999 Cyrus One is staunchly analogue in its socketry - four stereo pairs, one phono input and ground link for a turntable, and a pair of pre-outs - although it does include Bluetooth, with aptX. You can read our original review of the Cyrus One HERE - remembering that the new price knocks $300 from the price, so upping its value.

But we have refreshed the review to reflect the special pricing - click the image on the right to read the pages as PDFs.

In addition to the Cyrus One, Cyrus has recently released a 'Cyrus One HD' model, which adds digital inputs to those of the Cyrus One, with optical and coaxial digital audio, and a USB Type-B socket for plugging into a computer. Both models share the twin-knobbed short-front aesthetic which gives Cyrus products such a unique presentation. You can read more on the Cyrus One HD here

Meanwhile the $999 Cyrus One offer is available from all authorised Cyrus dealers: Rio Sound & Vision, Carlton Audio Visual, Life Style Store, Living Entertainment North Coast, Premier Hi Fi Noosa, Sight and Sound Galleria, A2V, TrimiraAudio, Brisbane Hifi and Northcoast Stereo.