The bright light from the 21st floor Harbour views made photography a little tricky in Convoy International's room at the Show, but distracted us only briefly from the rack of NAD Masters equipment centred between chunky but gorgeous JBL 4367 Studio Monitor speakers, and PSB's Imagine T3 speakers.

The PSB Imagine T3s are slim towers with their three 7-inch woofers arranged in PSB's three-woofer transitional array, with a specially developed 5¼" midrange driver tuned and isolated in its own sealed chamber. and a hand-selected version of PSB's famous titanium dome tweeter. .

The JBL 4367, in a marvellous constrast of attitudes to speaker width, use cast-frame 15-inch woofers with Differential Drive dual 3-inch voice coils , with upper-mid and high frequenciesfrom the 3-inch dual diaphragm, dual voice coil compression driver with dual neodymium motor structures and JBL's HDI waveguide horn. 

NAD MastersThe Masters range use two different variations of "digital" amplification in Direct Digital and Hybrid Digital technologies, and were used with the PSB towers, but Convoy added Cary Audio amplification to the equation for the JBLs. We got back into the room on Sunday, all too briefly because of a call-out, but the switch from PSBs to the wider stage of the JBLs was palpable.


Also on show were NAD's latest 'C' models including the modular C 388, which can have a module added to make it seamlessly compatible with the BluOS wireless multiroom ecosystem with other Bluesound products -- NAD and Bluesound share the Canadian Lenbrook Group as parent company, along with more PSB Speakers.