There's vinyl to buy and vinyl to hear at the Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show, which is running this weekend at the Como in South Yarra, Melbourne... near the entrance is a wealth of classic and new recordings courtesy of Quality Records Plus.,,


Nearby is a small room where Yamaha has the VINYL 500 turntable, which has the company's MusicCast multiroom platform onboard, so can send its vinyl sound to any Bluetooth or MusicCast speaker — but since MusicCast also includes network streaming, this is a turntable which can also stream Spotify and other music services, er, from the turntable.  (Upstairs Yamaha has two more rooms, showing a classic hi-fi system in one and its brand-new high-end turntable-based 5000 Series in the other.)


Audio Magic has its seemingly magical Mag-Lev floating turntable is showing for the first time at a hi-fi show in Australia, playing vinyl that is revolving on a platter that's suspended in mid-air.  


We were impressed by the radios brought to the show by BOE, where Ryan Mischkulnig tolds us how he collects old radiograms and radios of all description and then installs Bluetooth circuits inside, so that they can operate as streaming speakers playing from your smartphone.

This is a crusade against waste, as well as a way of enjoying what is often the original sound from the original radio speakers — “I have to replace the speakers of perhaps one in ten because of the condition”, he told us, but even then he may choose to use a period driver rather than a brand-new unit. Furthermore he leaves the chassis in its original condition so that they can be restored in the future by anyone who has the urge. An extra bonus is a USB lead so phones can charge as they play.

BOE also operates a boutique in Geelong where all manner of golden oldie things are upcycled, from spoons to furniture as well as BOE’s radio collection. Many will soon be available to see online at


Check out this soundbar! We knew of it, from meeting Porsche Design’s team in Europe, but we haven’t before seen it in Australia, so were delighted to find it in a corner of Indi Imports’ packed ground floor suite. A collaboration between Porsche Design and Canton,the 911 Soundbar is a 2.1-channel audio unit built out of an original rear silencer and twin exhaust from a Porsche 911 GT3. Crazy...

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