Purasound: an unmissable room dominated by the remarkable Aries Cerat Symphonia Limited Edition speakers in Super Copper and Liquid Carbon finish, flanking an array of Aries Cerat amplification and DAC, a Vertere record deck and Pink Faun 2.16 streamer as source.


Marantz KI-Ruby: first public demonstration in Tivoli Hi-Fi's room

They were instant collectors’ items from the moment of their announcement — the SA-KI Ruby SACD/CD player and PM-KI Ruby amplifier, playing for the first time in public this weekend at the Australian Audio & AV Show.

With only a limited global run of 1000 pieces, the KI-Ruby pair will be made in a limited run of 1000 units apiece, set apart by a laser-etched facsimile of Ishiwata’s signature and a ‘ruby’ stone (actually a Swarovski crystal, we gather) atop their front-plates. The KI refers of course to Marantz sound guru Ken Ishiwata, with the Ruby name celebrating his 40 years of tuning Marantz components.

They’re playing at the show together with Definitive Technology’s BP9080 Tower Speakers, which have an integrated 12" powered subwoofer (and an Atmos Height Module not required for the stereo demonstration at the Show). It’s a good match of price as well as performance — the SA-KI Ruby SACD/CD player and amp will retail at $7990 each when they go on sale in late November/early December. while the BP9080s are $6995.  


BusiSoft AV is demonstrating the Dynaudio Confidence 20 speakers, so new they’re actually a pre-launch product in final tuning form., driven by the gorgeous Octave V80 SE with Black Box (a Sound+Image award winner) with the new Moon 390 network player and preamplifier on streaming duties using Moon’s latest Mind 2 streaming platform.

The Dynaudio Confidence 20s replace the company’s current Confidence C1 model, with Confidence 30 and 50 models to replace the C2 and C4, and a new level to be created in a Confidence 60, which will have an expected retail price up around $70k. These Confidence 20s will likely arrive in Australia between $15k and $20k, despite sharing with the other three brand new bass drivers and a new directivity control tweeter lens. These large two-way stand-mounted speaker. They couple a single 177mm bass/midrange driver with the new Esotar3 tweeter, and the speaker comes with a dedicated stand because it has an unusual down-firing bass reflex port, so cannot be fitted to a conventional speaker stand.