M&K S150 speakers powered by AMC, and twin M&K X12 subwoofers.

One of the first rooms you encounter at the Australian HI-Fi & AV Show — and one of the most packed with equipment — is the extended suite for Indi Imports, showcasing its many brands. AMC and the stylish Sonoro systems are in the vestibule, while in the main room were Q Acoustics speakers with Cyrus amplification, the stylish spheres of Elipson, a selection of Loewe TVs both LED and OLED, and a full projection syste with sound from M&K Sound’s new S150 speakers backed (mighty forcefully) by a pair of M&K Sound X12 subwoofers, using AMC power amplification to drive the main speakers.

Paul Riachi from Indi Imports told us that Indi would be conducting rotating demos between the various systems in the suite, though during our visit it was the big sound generated by the M&K Sound system that was attracting the attention of the crowd.

Visually, though, the shining light was a huge Loewe bild 7.7 OLED against the far wall, with Canton speakers standing ready to play when its turn for demo came around,

To one side were three sizes of the Loewe bild 3 range, the bild 3.43 (43-incher, $2499), bild 3.49 (49-incher, $2999), and the bild 3.55 OLED ($4499). As you can see from the prices, Indi has done a remarkable job of bringing these premium German TVs to Australia at prices which directly rival the more mass market brands. You can read our review of the bild 3.55 OLED here https://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/sound-image/loewe-bild-355-oled-tv-review-513637

Eye-catching as always were the spherical Elipson speakers alongside the latest Elipson Music Center Bluetooth HD, which combines DAB+ radio with a CD Player and audio streaming.

QED was also featured with a display of the company's installation speakers and cable range. More pics below...

Q Acoustics with Cyrus amplification
Sonoro music systems on show at Indi Imports
QED installation speakers and cables

The Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show continues throughout the weekend. Information here: www.avhub.com.au/show