The 2018 Intermeet organised by Indi Imports was the first of a planned biennial schedule of future Intermeets, bringing together selected Indi Imports brands to show their wares, and even make announcements.

The Intermeet is mostly to allow the brands to present themselves to Australian and New Zealand retailers. A couple of us writer types were allowed to peek over their shoulders.

Here are the deets from the Canton and Cyrus sessions. 

From France to Germany. Canton speakers really are German. Actually built there. Expect the quality and prices that would imply. I'm not going to try to describe its ranges because it's so very extensive. For example, it makes nine different subwoofer models. There are also satellites, compact speaker, large floorstanders, home theatre packs, sound bars and sound bases, portable Bluetooth speakers (with aptX) and a host of installation models.

We have a complete feature on Canton's Reference K range on AVHub - click this image to read it.


UK firm Cyrus, meanwhile, announced its new Cyrus One HD stereo amplifier. This adds a digital section to their highly regarded Cyrus One (review link below).

It's a compact amp -- 220mm wide by 390mm deep and 85mm tall -- yet can deliver 2 x 100 watts (into six ohms) using Cyrus' own Hybrid Class D amplifier technology. It also has a separate Class A/B headphone amplifier.

There's some clever stuff in there. The amp automatically detects the speaker impedance when its switched on so that it can configure itself for optimal performance. But traditional values are reflected by such things as the use of a large toroidal transformer.

The digital side has optical and coaxial digital audio, and a USB Type-B socket for plugging into a computer. It uses ESS Sabre DACs and supports up to 192kHz sampling at 32 bits, plus DSD and double speed DSD128.

Oh, and Bluetooth with aptX. Importantly, it also supports the newer, higher throughput aptX HD codec. The aptX means you can use it with one of the RIAA BT Elipson turntables. But you don't need it for that, because there's a moving magnet-level phono input built in.

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