Audio Solutions has been celebrating the official opening of its all new Bowers & Wilkins Sound Studio. The Mascot hi-fi store held the official opening party on Thursday night, and through Friday (9am-5.30pm) and Saturday (9am-4pm) its team continued to welcome visitors interested in experiencing the new room, plus a full B&W 800 Series demonstration in Audio Solution’s Sound Lounge 3 upstairs.

But with that event now over, the B&W Sound Studio is now permanently open for business.

The warm welcome at the opening event included the provision of an Archie Rose gin bar, extensive local food and some fine blues performance from Simon Kinny-Lewis.

Image: Orlando Sydney

The bright-new B&W Sound Studio is a renovated rethink of an earlier showroom, its clean lines disguising a wealth of equipment — speakers from B&W’s 700, 600 and Mini Theatre Series, with stereo and multi-channel options, right up to a pair of satin white 803 D3 speakers from B&W’s range-topping 800 Series. There’s also a notable focus on in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, with a full wall of B&W Custom Install models wired up and ready to play.

Audio Solutions’ Tony Stantzos (above right) opened the celebrations.

“Tonight’s all about our B&W Sound Studio launch,” he told the crowd of customers, press and industry. “We started the business 18 years ago, and our very first supplier as a partner was Bowers & Wilkins. The relationship has been 18 years of bliss, with a product that we really believe in. I’d like to thank the guys for their tireless efforts in making the room work out — it looks amazing, it sounds fantastic, and we’re absolutely rapt with it.”

He made a point of thanks also Tony Wong from PS Audio, whose electronics were driving the upstairs B&W 800 Series Diamond speakers, and Nigel Ng from Advance Audio, who had cabled the system with Nordost.

B&W Australia's General Manager Angus Fischer (above right) replied to the introduction::

“I want to thank Nick (Papas) and Tony and all the team at Audio Solutions who have been great partners of Bowers & Wilkins for so many years. It’s people of dedication and passion that make our brand what it is, to be able to deliver to all the customers that are out there and show them what the brand is, and really develop personal relationships, to share their passion.

"The room itself is in its second iteration — it’s been something we’ve wanted to do to deliver an experience of our brand to people, to hear it in the best possible way, and move them into a really big experience upstairs with the 800 Series. And we know we can rely on this team to deliver this premium service to our customers out here.

We also spoke with John Martin (above) about what makes the retail experience an important part of Bowers & Wilkins.

John Martin: It’s crucial. It’s where the customer will often have their first experience with our brand. Therefore we work closely with our retail partners on every aspect of presentation, demonstration, product knowledge and customer service. We want to be regarded as a benchmark brand for not only sound quality but for the overall ownership experience, starting with that first in-store consultation and hopefully continuing for life.

"So here at Audio Solutions, the newly renovated space is a rethink of the original showroom we created in-store a few years back. Customers will now get a better demonstration of a wider range of products, in particular we are now able to compare more than a dozen sets of Custom Installation speakers. This is in response to growing demand for hidden solutions, and the need to hear what you get when you spend thousands on a pair of in-ceiling loudspeakers instead of a few hundred. We are already getting feedback that customers are happily opting for higher performance options when they hear the difference.

"Nick and Tony are among our most enthusiastic ambassadors and have been consistently among our top retail partners for over a decade. They value what we stand for and we feel comfortable saying to any customer, you will get the full Bowers & Wilkins experience when you visit Audio Solutions."

The special event runs today and tomorrow (June 21 and 22nd), but the B&W Sound Studio is a permanent installation; contact Audio Solutions for more details, or to arrange a visit - or, as Tony says, just drop in for a coffee. More info:

Audio Solutions' Nick Papas welcomes a customer to the Sound Lounge 3 B&W demonstration upstairs, where 800 Series Diamond speakers were being driven by PS Audio electronics, with cabling by Nordost (images below).
B&W's John Martin (left) and Angus Fischer (centre) with Audio Solutions' Tony Stantzos.
And finally that memorable Archie Rose gin bar...