The value of specialist hi-fi retailers and smart home installers lies in their skills and their knowledge of equipment and how products work together. So it’s always good to see investment in delivering just those skills to the right people.

Audio Active has launched its new “premium Dealer education and experience centre” in Port Melbourne, designed so that Audio Active’s dealers and their staff can be fully trained in the products that Audio Active distributes, and in particular how together they can deliver a seamless integration environment. Brands integrated in the experience centre span all three of Audio Active’s specialised product categories of two-channel hi-fi products, home theatre solutions and custom integration, including Sony Pro series TVs, multi-zone audio driven by Anthem's new MDX amplifier, Paradigm and Martin Logan CI products, as well as Emotiva and Lithe Audio.

Audio Active partnered with Control4 to “show how the stable of products all work in harmony and produce an experience that is inspiring”.

The facilities include a 12-seat home cinema with a 180-inch custom perforated screen from Screen Technics, and showcasing Sony, Paradigm and Anthem “for a movie experience that outclasses many commercial cinemas”. 

Separate demonstration areas for stereo hi-fi showcase Audio Active’s distribution of speakers and electronics from Luxman, Tannoy, Vienna Acoustics, European Audio Team, Martin Logan and van den Hul.

Audio Active says that the spaces have been specifically designed for versatility, so that new product releases easily be demonstrated with a quick change of the room. A further workshop and training room provides a class-room configuration for formal training.

The new facility will be welcoming dealers and their staff throughout 2020.

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