We have a review ready to publish in Sound+Image on 1MORE's over-ear triple driver headphones, and here's a quick spoiler -- we really like them. They are at the Show available to audition, alongside a brand-new launch for the 1MORE dual-driver LTNG in-ears with active noise-cancellation (pictured above), priced at $189. The LTNG name indicates that they have a Lightning cable rather than minijack, so they take the signal digitally from iPhone or iPad, applying their own DAC and audio stage for the dual in-ear drivers.

Also in Jaben's room were the Fitears range of inears, available both in normal bud form and with custom-moulded ear-pieces. Jaben's Shane Edmunds tells us that the moulds can be made in their store, and that they've never had a mould rejected by Fitears, apparently quite the achievement! The moulded earpieces add around $500 to the price of these upmarket 'phones.

Also on show were Chord's range of DACs, including the latest Hugo 2. But perhaps our favourite item in the room was the sexy little Elemental Watson headphone amplifier, a class-A valve/MOSFET hybrid headphone amplifier that sells for $309. It uses valve types developed by Bell Labs / Western Electric and used extensively as intermediate-frequency amplifiers in World War II radar systems. Is that good? Not sure. But just look at it!