altAKG has released the Quincy Jones Signature Edition Q 701 headphones, which they say are “the most accurate and responsive headphones we’ve ever produced”.

The headphones feature the same flat-wire voice coils and two-layer diaphragms as their studio counterparts, designed to deliver pinpoint sound imaging.

The design is a semi-open-back headphone, coming in black with lime accents, white with lime accents and lime with black accents, with the main connection being a hard gold-plated jack plug and contacts.

Other features include:

  1. Frequency range: 10Hz to 39,8kHz
  2. Sensitivity: 105dB SPL/V
  3. Input impedance: 62 ohms
  4. Maximum input power: 200mW
  5. Net weight (without cable): 235g
  6. Cable: 99.99% oxygen-free cable 3m

Audio Products Group