altINTEGRATE 2013, Sydney Convention Centre

We’ve heard, enjoyed and awarded Sonance’s 70V outdoor audio ‘Sonance Landscape Series’ (SLS) before; the range has now been supplemented by a pair of SLS High Output units aimed primarily at larger and commercial areas which may require higher-level but still evenly distributed sound levels.

The LS87SAT has a 6.5-inch woofer and 25mm tweeter with a specified response of 55Hz-20kHz (+-3dB), while a new inground subwoofer, the LS15SUB, packs a 15-inch driver and its -3dB envelope crosses the line at a garden-trembling 22Hz. The whole range is designed to operate under even extreme weather conditions (from -29 to +88 Celsius should about cover it, even for Australia...), but Sonance suggests the Landscape Series will also be suitable for many indoor commercial installations (pubs and bars) which have vaulted ceilings.  

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