altThe German-made range of Priolite studio flash equipment is now available in Australia from newly-formed distributor Kudos Cameras.

The mainstay of the Priolite line-up is battery-powered monoblocs, but the company also builds a compact power pack and an LED video light, all of which are now available in Australia. There’s also a range of light shapers, including softboxes in a variety of shapes and sizes, umbrellas and beauty dishes.

The top-of-the-range MBX series Priolite monoblocs are available in 500 and 1000 joule models and feature interchangeable lithium-ion battery packs which fit into the body of the light and can be recharged internally or externally. They have metal casings with diecast aluminium bayonet fittings for attaching light-shapers and are compatible with the Bowen’s ‘S’ line of accessories.

altFlash power is adjustable over a five-stop range on the MBX 500 and six stops on the MBX 1000, both in 1/10-stop increments. Around 220 flashes at full power or 440 at half power are obtainable from a full charge with the MBX 500 which has an LED-type modelling lamp equivalent to 80 watts. Both models have a flash duration of just 1/4500 second (t0.5) at full power and both can fire continuously at up to five flashes per second. Fan-forced cooling provides effective temperature management. Other features include digital power setting displays, auto power dumping and RF remote triggering via the optional Priolite Control A which operates at the 2.4 GHz frequency and enables up to 36 units to be controlled individually. This device is bi-directional so when power settings are changed on the monoblocs, the LED display on the remote controller changes accordingly.

altPriolite’s compact flash power packs are based on the monobloc designs and are also available with maximum power outputs of 500 or 1000 joules. They use the same system of plug-in li-ion battery packs and have a single outlet to power the Head 1000 which also has an LED-type modelling lamp.

The MBX 500 monobloc is priced at $2950 and the MBX 1000 at $3450. The bi-directional radio remote controller sells for $395.

A full price list is available on the Kudos Camera’s website: visit