It’s not really a big surprise given this camera would have been in development when the Nikon Z mount full-35mm format mirrorless system was launched, but the camera maker has confirmed that there will be a next-generation professional D-SLR to succeed the D5.

Nikon D6. Photo: Nikon.

Details are non-existent beyond that the new camera will be called the D6 and the released product photo shows that it will be very similar in size and styling to the D5. What’s likely is that Nikon will have worked on the autofocusing performance – both via the optical viewfinder and in live view – to keep the core audience of sports/action photographers happy. Nikon is calling the D6 “its most advanced digital SLR to date”.

Many sports photographers remain wedded to the D-SLR, not just because of the advantages of the optical viewfinder, but because of significant investments in fast telephoto lenses.

AF-S Nikkor 120-300mm f2.8E FL ED SR VR. Photo: Nikon.

No doubt with the same users chiefly in mind, Nikon has announced its also developing a new fast telezoom in the F mount; the AF-S Nikkor 120-300mm f2.8E FL ED SR VR. Again details are minimal, but the model designation tells us it will have ‘Vibration Reduction’ optical image stabilisation, at least one fluorite element (to optimise correction for chromatic aberrations), and a number of extra-low dispersion glass elements. The ‘SR’ suffix hasn’t been seen on a Nikkor lens before so this obviously designates a new technology or feature.

All will eventually be revealed, with Nikon saying more details will become available later in the year.