Canon has updated its TS-E line-up of tilt-shift EF mount lenses, introducing a trio of new models which embody a number of improvements to the optical design and the adjustment ranges compared to the existing lenses.
The three new TS-E have focal lengths of 50mm, 90mm and 135mm, with the former two being f2.8 speed lenses while the 135mm has a maximum aperture of f4.0. The 135mm model is also a new focal length in the TS-E range, while the new 50mm and 90mm replace earlier models (45mm and 90mm respectively). The existing TS-E 17mm f4.0L and 24mm f3.5L II wide-angles remain available.
All three new lenses deliver a maximum magnification ratio of 1:2 (i.e. half lifesize) and feature magnesium alloy constructions. The optical constructions have been modernised to incorporate moulded aspherical elements and ultra-low dispersion glass to give improved edge-to-edge uniformity of sharpness, better correction for distortion and reduced chromatic aberrations. Anti-reflection measures are also upgraded via Canon’s ‘SubWaveLength Stucture Coating’ (SWC) in both the 50mm and 135mm models to help reduce flare and ghosting, and ‘Air-Sphere Coating’ (ASC) in the 50mm and 90mm models to minimise issues with incidental light entering the lens.
On the mechanical side, the new TS-E lenses allow for tilts and/or shifts to be applied in either the horizontal or vertical planes, with larger adjustment knobs and a new tilt-locking mechanism for the zero-tilt position. All three models allow up to +/- 12 mm of shift while the 90mm and 135mm offer up to +/-10 degrees of tilt and the 50mm up to +/-8.5 degrees. Focusing is manual via an internal lens group and the minimum focusing distances are 27 cm (50mm), 39 cm (90mm) and 49 cm (135mm). Both the 50mm and 90mm models have a 77 mm diameter screwthread filter fitting while the 135mm TS-E lens accepts 82 millimetres diameter filters. All three are supplied with a bayonet-fit lens hood.
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