A new edition of the book A History Of Professional Photography In Australia has been released and is updated to include the changes in the industry since it was first published in 2013.

The book traces the history of professional photography in Australia – with an emphasis on the role of the Australian Institute Of Photography (AIPP) since its origins in the late 1930s – and has been updated to include changes such as the merging of the ACMP, the recent dramatic changes in the structure of the AIPP, and other key events in Australian professional photography over the last six years.

Photo: Paul Curtis

Available from Amazon and other major book sellers, the second edition of A History Of Professional Photography In Australia is available as an eBook for just $2.99 which, according to author Paul Curtis, is the minimum price Amazon will allow for books. Printed copies on-demand are available through Amazon for $33.80.

Comments Paul Curtis, “When I researched the first edition of A History Of Professional Photography In Australia, I had at my elbow copies of back issue magazines, books and photographs covering the last 100 years.

“Now, seeking to update this book and cover the photographers’ turbulent period of the last six years, I found I had to totally rely on electronic newsletters, Websites and social media. Even more tellingly, not a single printed photograph for this period touched my desk.

“But there is a major problem. Website information is very transient and exists purely at the whim of the Website’s manager of the moment. And a change of manager often sees a total obliteration of what has gone before.

“The AIPP has been fortunate in that it has always had good editors keeping information up to date. Originally it was Stuart Tompkins, then came Neil Murray and, in recent decades, Paul Burrows and Peter Eastway. 

“So, this book, which has been revised to include new events and the awarding of new honours, will be published in both digital and printed form. To protect our history, copies have been lodged with the National Library and that is just about as permanent as we can get.

“And, of course, you can download your own copy as eBook or as an Amazon Print On Demand paperback.”

For more information visit http://www.paulcurtis.com.au