Phase One has announced a new version of its 100 megapixels IQ3 Series medium format capture back. The IQ3 100 Trichromatic is the result of co-operation between Phase One and Sony, and the new imager employs new Bayer RGBG colour filter technology. Phase One says Trichromatic delivers “astonishing colour definition” with “unsurpassed colour quality”. The Bayer filter array has been physically customised to that it mimics the dynamic colour response of the human eye.
Additionally, Phase One claims the new chip also has the lowest noise of any medium format CMOS sensor. The sensitivity range is equivalent to ISO 35 to 12,800, and the dynamic range is quoted at 15 stops. The active pixels count is 11,608x8708, giving a pixel size of4.6 microns.
West Australian photographer Tony Hewitt has been testing the Trichromatic back and comments, “As a photographer, one of the things that excites me the most is having the opportunity to use colour to evoke emotion. The Trichromatic Camera System itself becomes a true extension of my vision, and what my eye sees and what my eye wants to express; the camera delivers”.
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