With Fujifilm planning to deliver six GF mount lenses by year’s end for its mirrorless digital medium format system, Hasselblad has announced plans to add a further four lenses to the three existing XCD series models for the X1D. The current models are a 45mm f3.5 wide-angle (equivalent to a 35mm in the 35mm format), a 90mm f3.2 short telephoto (equivalent to 70mm) and a 30mm f3.5 (equivalent to 24mm). 
Due around mid-year is a 120mm f3.5 macro (equivalent to 90mm) to be followed by a 22mm ultra-wide (18mm), a 65mm standard lens (50mm) and a 35-70mm zoom (28-60mm) which should probably be a priority given Fujifilm has kicked off with a zoom. Hasselblad says there will be seven XCD lenses available “by the beginning of 2018”.The 120mm f3.5 macro delivers a maximum magnification ratio of 1:2 (i.e. half lifesize) via its minimum focusing distance of 43 centimetres and, like all the XCD lenses, incorporates a leaf shutter with a fastest speed of 1/2000 second. Obviously, this enables flash sync up to this speed as well. The ten-element optical design incorporates a floating internal focus group, and is designed to deliver a flat image field.
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