Fujifilm continues to make maximum use of firmware upgrades to add to or expand the capabilities of its X Mount ‘APS-C’ format mirrorless cameras. The next round of upgrades for the X-Pro2, X-T2 and X-T20 models will be released in late November, and provide varying levels of enhancement. There will also be an upgrade for the fixed-lens X100F.
The flagship X-Pro2 probably benefits most from its Version 4.0 upgrade, which adds 4K video recording, tethered shooting via USB or WiFi, a new image recognition algorithm to give more reliable subject tracking, support for the new Fujifilm X RAW Studio converter, and improved third-party studio flash RF controller usability with TTL and HSS operation.
Fujifilm X RAW Studio provides in-camera RAW file conversion to JPEG once the camera is connected to a computer (via USB cable) and using its ‘X Processor Pro’ engine rather than the computer’s CPU in order to optimise image quality. Fujifilm X RAW Studio will be a free download and will initially be available for Mac users in late November with the PC version following in January 2018. Not surprisingly, it will also be available for the GFX 50S mirrorless digital medium format camera via its Version 2.0 firmware upgrade.
The Version 3.0 firmware upgrade for the X-T2 delivers Fujifilm X RAW Studio support for this model, as well an improved AF tracking algorithm and RF flash controller. Version 2.0 firmware for the X100F gives Fujifilm X RAW Studio support, improved RF flash controller usability and the capacity for backing up (and subsequently restoring) settings from one camera to another via Fujifilm X Acquire.
On the subject of TTL flash control, Profoto has introduced a new AirTTL system wireless RF remote controller compatible with the Fujifilm X Mount cameras. The Air Remote TTL-F enables auto TTL (and HSS) flash control with Profoto’s TTL-enabled flash units including the B1/B1X and B2 portable battery-powered systems, the D2 monobloc and the Pro-10 power pack. The TTL-F controller has a range of 300 metres and eight channels which can each control three groups of lights. In addition to the new Fujifilm model, Profoto now offers AirTTL controllers for Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Sony.
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