Datacolor's new SpyderX calibration tool for colour monitors employs a completely redesigned colour engine to give “significantly increased” colour accuracy and enhanced low light capabilities made possible by using more advanced sensors. These deliver more precise screen colour, white balance and shadow detail.

Photo: Datacolor

SpyderX also features an integrated ambient light sensor that can measure room light throughout the day, enabling the display brightness and contrast to be adjusted to ideal levels. The software can either warn that a recalibration is necessary or do it automatically, using custom profiles based on the light level.

The increased speed means that SpyderX takes less than two minutes to calibrate a screen which is several times faster than previous models. Datacolor contends that now the process is so fast, it simply becomes part of the colour management workflow. Ease of use is enhanced by the new device’s simple and intuitive single-click calibration software.

Susan Bunting, who is director of marketing at Datacolor, says, “We know photography is a labour of love, and a lot goes into taking every shot. That’s why we’ve redesigned SpyderX from the ground up, ensuring you can trust the colour on your screen while making the whole process of calibration as intuitive and quick as possible”.

SpyderX is available in two versions – Pro and Elite. SpyderX Pro is designed for serious photographers and designers who want a fast and easy-to-use monitor calibration solution. SpyderX Elite goes a step further had has more advanced settings for professional photographers and videographers who require more control of their colour workflow. 

SpyderX Pro is priced at $295 and SpyderX Elite at $465. Datacolor products are distributed in Australia by Kayell Australia. For more information visit