The big deal with Capture One is that you can still buy it as a package rather than being committed to ongoing subscription fees and local distributor, Specular, has introduced a ‘loyalty scheme’ for repeat customers every time a new version of Capture One Pro is released. This has financial advantages, but purchasing the software locally means there’s a telephone number users can call if they run into any problems, and a convenient option if they want to book either in-person or over-the-phone training. A full licence for the new Capture One Pro 12 costs $429, and an upgrade from Versions 9, 10 or 11 is $220.

Capture One Pro now supports the RAW files from over 500 digital cameras, including enhanced support for Fujifilm mirrorless cameras with the ability to correctly read and interpret Fujifilm’s ‘Film Simulation’ profiles. This means Fujifilm camera owners can use these classic film-look styles while still maintaining a RAW image workflow. The new software also supports the Nikon Z 6 and Z 7, and the Canon EOS R full-35mm mirrorless cameras.

Capture One Pro 12 Keyboard Short-Cut Editor. Photo: Phase One

The latest version of the software has a revised user interface to enhance efficiency, including redesigns of the icons and slider tools. There’s a revamped menu with a more logical grouping of functions, and a redesigned keyboard short-cut manager so that over 500 individual commands can be fully customised. The upgrades include powerful new masking tools such as a radial gradient mask tool, a new plug-in ‘ecosystem’ for enhanced support of third-party software (such as HeliconFocus) and extended AppleScript support for enhanced workflow customisation. Luminosity masking is now available with the new ‘Luma Range’ mask tool in adjustment layers, and this can create complex masks using brightness data, eliminating the need for painting by hand.

Capture One Pro 12 Luminosity Mask. Photo: Phase One

Users who have purchased their previous versions of Capture One from Specular can claim a 15 percent discount if they order Pro 12 before 21 December. Specular has showrooms in Melbourne [telephone (03) 9091 2111] and Sydney [telephone (02) 7922 3833]. For more information about Capture One Pro 12 visit