Broncolor has unveiled a new Siros L line of compact battery-powered flash monoblocs designed for both on-location and studio use. The new Siros 400 L and 800 L have a maximum flash power output of 400 and 800 joules respectively, both with a nine-stop output range adjustable in either 1/10 or full-stop increments. The Siros 800 L will be the most powerful battery-powered location Monobloc on the market.
They’re powered by an interchangeable 28.8 volts lithium-ion battery which gives up to 440 flashes at full power for the 400 joules model and 220 flash with the 800 joules version. Full recharging takes just 75 minutes. These new monoblocs are exclusively battery powered, but like Profoto’s B1, with the battery housed internally, operation is entirely cable-free.
The Siros 400 L and 800 L employ Broncolor’s ECTC (Enhanced Colour Temperature Control) technology – as also used in the Scoro and Move power packs – enabling a fast flash duration of up to 1/7400 second (t0.5) with constant colour temperature stability over the full output range. Recycling times can be as fast as 0.03 seconds. In the monoblocs’ Speed Mode the flash duration can be as short as 1/19,000 second, but without the ECTC-controlled colour stability.
A 25 watts LED-type modelling lamp is fitted and balanced at 3000 degrees Kelvin to match the halogen modelling lamps used in the mains-powered Siros monoblocs.
All the monobloc’s functions can be remotely controlled via smartphone or tablet (both iOS and Android) by the bronControl app which establishes its own WiFi network. Up to six lights can be operated this way with the identification of each via colour-coded and easy-to-see LEDs on the units themselves. Both models also have a built-in Broncolor RFS 2.1 radio receiver for remote triggering and power setting. A conventional photocell and sync cable socket are also provided. Additional features include a digital power setting display, USB port for firmware upgrades, a centralised rotary controller, audible signals and a sequence mode (for up to 50 flashes).
The Siros L models are compatible with the entire range of Broncolor light-shaping accessories. Availability is from early July and will include various travel kit options. Local pricing is yet to be announced. 
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