All current model McIntosh preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers with digital audio have now achieved ‘Roon Tested’ status.
Loewe creates a strategic alliance with Japan-based Toyoichi Tsucho Co., and says it is evolving “from a manufacturer of televisions into a system provider for networked home entertainment technologies".
Ortofon has released a record stabilising clamp with a built-in spirit level.
Onkyo A-9130 Integrated Amplifier
Audiolab’s new 8300CDQ CD player doesn’t just plays CDs… it also has a preamplifier built in, plus an MQA-capable USB DAC. But there’s more…
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With new and old vinyl prices creeping ever-upwards, the prices of professional record cleaning machines are looking great by comparison.
D’Agostino has released its Momentum HD Preamplifier. ‘This new Momentum HD is a major upgrade to the Momentum preamplifier,’ said designer Dan D’Agostino. ‘It adds HD status for the High Dynamic and High Definition improvements and incorporates substantial advancements in the power supply, audio circuitry, and control sections.’
Like the idea of making some extra money from your camera gear when you’re not using it? Canon Australia has launched a program called Kyōyū – the Japanese word for share – to create an online community of potential renters and providers.
Ayon Audio has released a Mk II version of the S-10 network music player it introduced in 2016 which uses a Class-A output stage based around a 6H30 dual triode.
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