Yes it’s an ‘xCan’ headphone amplifier, but it’s not the Musical Fidelity X-Can headphone amplifier. It’s the iFi Audio xCan headphone amplifier.
The latest version of its M10 digital rangefinder camera is described by Leica as having a “digital heart, analog soul”. It combines an even more traditional external design with a greater reliance on remote set-up via WiFi and a new camera app.
Czech manufacturer Xavian has released a new version of the Perla, which it says has become its best-selling design following its release in 2015. The new model is the Perla Esclusiva.
A new spherical coaxial active speaker is making waves in its home country France and beyond. You might guess the manufacturer from its appearance, but er, you'd be wrong.
The Beatles’ classic White Album has been re-mastered and is being re-released and Pro-Ject is releasing a ‘White’ turntable to commemorate the re-release.
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