Famous US speaker manufacturer Thiel Audio, which shut up shop earlier this year, has now filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy statement, suggesting that the company’s closure is final.
KEF has released its LSX wireless music system—a pair of active, wireless speakers that receive audio signals wirelessly via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or AirPlay2.*
US manufacturer Magico has decided to take the accessory manufacturers on at their own game by releasing optional add-on de-coupling feet for its own Magico A3 and Magico S1 MkII loudspeakers.
The 36th Tokyo International Audio show kicks off later this week on November 16, 2018.
Musical Fidelity’s new M2sCD CD player uses 24-bit delta-sigma 8x over-sampling DACs in dual differential mode to convert from digital to analogue, which it says has the effect of reducing jitter to less than 135 picoseconds.
Advance Audio Australia has extended its offer of a complimentary upgrade for anyone who buys a Definitive Technology loudspeaker.
New Onkyo 9.2-channel AV Receiver integrates with Sonos
Two volumes of books featuring 6500 portraits of Australia’s WWII Veterans have been donated to the National Library Of Australia by the Australian Institute Of Professional Photography (AIPP).
Japanese valve manufacturer Takatsuki released its very first valve amplifier, the Takatsuki TA-S01 integrated, a single-ended-triode design.
The Musical Fidelity M2si integrated amplifier is the first Musical Fidelity product to be released under the new ownership of Heinz Lichtenegger, who purchased the company from its founder, Antony Michaelson, earlier this year.
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