The adoption of digital radio (DAB+) is mounting in intensity with more new vehicles adopting the higher quality broadcast method in factory audio systems. Similarly, more of the aftermarket makers are entering the space with even mid-range models featuring DAB+.

A press release received at the InCar desk sometime just before publication, states that global industry forum WorldDAB has recently formed a new Automotive User Experience (UX) Group.

The group will focus its activities on improving the experience for DAB+ users while also keeping abreast of the latest related technological trends.

The Automotive User Experience Group will be chaired by Laurence Harrison of Digital Radio UK who’s job, among other things, will be to strengthen yet further the uptake of the broadcast format and to identify areas where the technology can be improved in terms of user functionality in the future.

Laurence Harrison explains, “As we’re growing the proportion of new cars with DAB/DAB+ we’re getting more feedback from listeners on their experience. We’re launching the WorldDAB Automotive UX Group to facilitate collaboration between broadcasters and car manufacturers, helping ensure that in-car DAB and hybrid digital radio provide the great experiences consumers expect.”

The future looks bright for a format that is substantially better than FM radio both in terms of on-display information and, very importantly, sonic performance.