Transcend’s new DrivePro 520 crash cam promises to be the safest yet. The twin camera unit features both a front- and rear-facing camera to provide high-resolution video footage of the road and the car’s interior.

The DP520’s front-facing camera features FHD in 1080p via a high quality 6-element glass lens system with a fast f1.8 large aperture and a wide 130-degree viewing angle. The DP520 is smart enough to recognise low light conditions in cars’ interiors so the unit automatically switches to a ‘Night Vision’ LED system which allows clear footage in very low ambient light situations. We can imagine this feature to be extremely useful for taxi and uber drivers.

Like many high quality ‘crash cams’ (also known as road recorders) the DP520’s built-in 3-axis G-sensor can detect shock or violent braking in order to activate recording while the DP520 will also automatically protect that footage from being recorded over. This ensures no incident will go undocumented, providing crucial evidence should a dispute arise. Further, a manual button allows recording at your command and a ‘Snapshot’ function provides a quick photo of the displayed image for your records.

Wireless connectivity allows instant reviewing of recorded footage via your smartphone while the feature also allows sharing of footage. The feature is available for iOS and Android devices.

Location and journey logs are available via the built in GPS receiver which logs your current location’s GPS coordinates allowing easy location information and notification to emergency services, police, etc.

The included microSDHC card has been rated to a very long life and reliability levels via the built-in MLC NAND chips. The DrivePro 520 crash cam recorder is bundled with two separate mounting options and a car 12V adaptor (the unit also features a built-in battery). Transcend offers a Two Year Limited warranty with the DP520 while the recommended retail price is $349.