Directed Australia has announced the new and diminutively discreet Kapture KPT-850 crash cam recorder.

The KPT-850 is an advanced crash cam featuring Full HD 1080p recording resolution via a high quality ultra-wide angle lens (152 degrees of coverage). Built-in Wi-Fi connects wirelessly to your smartphone allowing the use of Kapture’s excellent app which provides instant playback, device setting, GPS data (maps journey and the speed you travelled at played back via Google Maps) and video recording control and much more. A derivative of the app technology is the ability to share recordings and images on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube).

An interesting technology is Super Capacitor which stores energy in a more efficient way than conventional batteries while also allowing longer charge/discharge cycles and being able to operate more reliably under far higher summer in-car temperatures.

The KPT-850’s built-in G-Sensor is configured to start recording at the time of impact while automatically saving the recording in order to prevent accidentally recording over crucial content that could serve as evidence. A Gesture Sensor, not to be confused with the G-Sensor, allows the instant taking of images by waving your hand across an in-built motion sensor. 

Included in the package are a dual USB DC car adaptor (spare port can charge a suitable device), a USB/power cable, a windscreen mounting bracket and 3M adhesive pads.

The Kapture KPT-850 is available via dealers around the country and with a recommended retail price of $249.95.

For more information on the Kapture KPT-850 crash cam visit Directed Australia here and at