In the growing crash cam – also known as road recorder – market the proliferation of brands and models is rather staggering. The diminutive cameras are crammed-full of technology which allows the recording of your journey and therefore providing a video log which, should disaster occur by way of a collision with car or pedestrian, will provide evidence of culpability, etc.

But as sophisticated as these devices are, they are still an extraneous component that requires data storage, careful placement within the cabin, power and/or, if cabled, the guiding of a wire across the car’s dash or pillars.

Nexar has come up with a solution which promises the functionality of dash cams integrated with the ubiquitous smartphone. It’s by way of a Cloud-connected free Smart Dashcam App which can record video via the iPhone’s own cameras and, in conjunction with the phone’s sensors (and geolocation features), can record license plates, the road behaviour of adjacent or nearby vehicles, abnormal or sudden braking and, of course, any collision that might take place during the journey. It actually recreates the collision graphically too.

Coming soon, the data obtained collectively by App users will be processed via Nexar’s algorithms and examined in order to establish a record (we’re avoiding the word profile) of other drivers’ behaviour. For example if a certain driver is known to exceed the speed limits, or run red lights or is somewhat erratic in terms of road manners, Nexar’s App can warn you – in real time – of these drivers’ proximity in order for you to be aware or even avoid the area.

The collective data will also warn of dangerous road sections or hazardous conditions and will also serve as a notifier to bad traffic or traffic incidents.

Interestingly, the App also provides a ride-sharing internal camera record function which would be ideal for taxi or Uber drivers who can now have on record misbehaving passengers should an incident arise.

At this stage the Smart Dashcam App is only available for iOS, however Nexar is expected to announce Android compatibility soon.