JVCKenwood has announced two new upmarket multimedia head units with a long list of high-tech features.

The new Kenwood DNX5170S head unit sports a 6.2-inch WVGA touchscreen – with resistive display rather than capacitive – with manually adjustable viewing angle and a brand new GUI. The unit features Apple’s CarPlay and built in navigation from specialists Garmin. Kenwood provides a Bluetooth remote app for easy control which is available for both iOS and Android devices while further access is available via direct steering wheel control. There’s wide file compatibility for both video and audio with the former accepting DVD and VCD and MKV/MPEG 1, 2 and 4/H.264/WMV file formats while the latter supports CD and FLAC/DSD/AAC/WAV/MP3/WMA with supported resolutions up to 24-bits at 192kHz.

The on-board amplification is of the almost industry standard 50 watts per each of its four channels while sonic massaging is available via a 13-band graphic equaliser and digital time alignment. Further audio features are three pre-outs, 3-way crossover and high- low-pass filter adjustments.

The DNX5170S has ample connectivity by way of two USB ports (also available for quick charge), a mini-jack auxiliary input, AV output and rear camera input. An AM/FM tuner with RDS is also provided with Pandora and Spotify also available.

The latest Bluetooth technology provides hands-free telephony with ‘Voice Control’ and streaming via compatible devices.

The Kenwood DNX9170DABS steps up to a larger 7-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen with the unit now featuring both CarPlay and Android Auto. Further, the step up also includes a DAB+ tuner (antenna supplied) as the model name implies. Connectivity is similar but with the addition of an extra camera input to cater to both front and rear views.

As per its stablemate, the included Garmin navigation suite includes 3D maps, a ‘Split’ feature where the screen can display both the navigation and the AV being used, a long list of Garmin’s navigation engine features and an SD card slot for map updates.

Both head units are available now at Kenwood dealers around the country. The DNX5170S is priced at $1399 while the DNX9170DABS retails for a recommended price of $2299.

For more information visit Kenwood here.