Transcend has announced the new high-value DrivePro DP50 Crash Cam Full HD recorder with WiFi and a whole host of advanced features.

The DP50’s camera features a high quality and fast f1.8 aperture lens which means the device is capable of recording images and fine detail in a variety of lighting conditions including low level ambient light.

The camera’s sensor is a Full HD 1080p at 30fps device which, in conjunction with the high quality lens, can capture vivid images via its 130-degree angle of coverage.

Transcend has also released a new App that allows comprehensive control of the DP50 including Wi-Fi file transfer, stream and playback of videos while also providing high functionality and control, of the DP50’s features. The App is available for both iOS and Android devices.

A built-in sensor detects any collision or impact and automatically triggers the ‘Emergency Recording’ feature in order to obtain crucial incident evidence should it be required for law enforcement or insurance claim purposes. Recording can also be started manually via a large and easy-to-see red record button.

The DP50 comes with a packaged Transcend High Endurance long life 16GB SD card (the company produces a wide array of memory cards too) which can store up to 3000 hours of Full HD video.

A free downloadable software program, DrivePro Toolbox, is also available (no extra codecs needed) and provides a user-friendly interface with a number of video sorting options (file name, file date, group, etc), playback options and a handy screen image capture feature for evidence provision.

The DP 50 is also packaged with a 12V car power adaptor and two mounting bracket alternatives, one being suction and the other adhesive, providing your preferred mounting choice within the vehicle.

The Transcend DP50 seems to provide a lot for the $139 asking price.