Maps, calls, messages, notifications, music, and car information projected directly in front of you — Head-Up Displays project information as a transparent display onto the windscreen, to overlay the road ahead. The concept was first used in military aircraft where reaction times were improved by removing the need for pilots to glance down at a separate radar screen, and the same principle applies in cars – it’s become known as the “eyes on the road” benefit, or ERB.

While HUDs have been introduced in various upmarket vehicles including the BMW 7 Series and the Lexus RX, a new device distributed in Australia by Directed Electronics promises to brings this Augmented Driving experience to almost any vehicle as an aftermarket addition.

It’s called the NAVDY Portable Head-Up Display, and it promises to project a transparent image onto the road ahead displaying navigation maps and directions, incoming phone calls and messages, calendar updates and music selections.

It connects to your car connects to your car in two ways – via your smartphone using the Navdy App, and via your car’s OBD-II Port (found in most vehicles made after 1996 – if you don’t know where it is, this site may usefully find it for you). This OBD connection enables information about your car (fuel level, efficiency, RPM and speed) to be projected as well. 

Your smartphone brings the rest, the Navdy app’s navigation being powered by Google Maps, and phone call control being possible using simple hand gestures, while Navdy’s specially engineered Dial sits by your steering wheel allowing control of your phone entirely hands-free.


Look Forward, Stay Connected
"The way we interact with our cars hasn't changed much in decades, and phones were never designed to be used while driving,” says Steve Siolis, Directed’s CEO. “Navdy creates and defines an entirely new augmented driving category enabling drivers to interact with their phones and cars in a much more immersive, natural, and intuitive way. Navdy’s HUD displays and reads out your messages, leaving you to stay focused on the road ahead.”

Navdy DialNavdy's list of features includes:

  • Look Forward Display: rich, full colour, fully transparent display with unmatched clarity in any light that projects information into the distance so the road stays in focus.
  • Intuitive Interface: Navdy Hand Gestures accept a call or message with the wave of your hand. The Navdy Dial can scroll, zoom and navigate menus fluidly, and can access Siri or Google Now.
  • Never Miss a Turn: Navdy's Projected Navigation system is powered by Google Maps, with maps and directions appearing right in front of you. Navdy claims to be the only solution offering full dynamic maps as a transparent image without obstructing your view of the road using its own high precision GPS chip and local storage of maps, ensuring continuous instructions even out of network coverage.
  • Stay Connected: Navdy lets you make and receive calls, listen to messages, control music, receive calendar reminders and stay connected to the apps on your phone. Navdy also connects to your car with Navdy Dash to show your speed, RPM and automatically recommend nearby gas stations when your fuel level is low.
  • Portable and Storable: works in any car with Navdy's magnetic mounting system making it easy to take with you or store in the glove box.
  • Easy Setup: Navdy claims to be “easy for anyone to set up and get rolling without tools in around 15 minutes”.

The NAVDY Portable Head-Up Display (NVD100-EN)  is exclusively distributed by Directed Australia & New Zealand.with a Suggested Retail Price of $899,supported by a 1 Year Warranty. It will be available July 2017 from JB HiFi Stores across Australia.

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