Apple or Android – just plug in your phone! – as Mongoose says of the Q2CA, the company’s latest premium vehicle infotainment unit.

For those with iPhones it includes CarPlay, allowing you to use your iPhone’s more important phone features via the Q2CA's 6.75-inch colour touch screen, selected using the familiar Apple standard display icons. This includes GPS navigation, Bluetooth handsfree phone calls, Bluetooth music, sending and receiving messages and more.

But there’s also Android Auto, so for phones using Andoird 5.0 and above, the Q2CA will similarly enable many of your phone’s features, as with CarPlay. Use Google Maps for GPS navigation, Google play for music, as well as phone calls and messages hands-free via voice.

The head unit provides four channels of 45W and FM/AM tuners, along with conventional inputs for USB (2), AVI, a reverse camera, external microphone and steering wheel controls. Line level outputs are available for all for channels and a subwoofer.  

Mongoose Q2CA
TouchScreen: 6.75-inch TN LCD 800x400-pixel two point anti-glare
Mount: ISO Double Din
Power: 45W x 4 Channel
RRP: $699