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Australian car audio fans will soon be able to enjoy the pinnacle of Kenwood’s automotive speaker range, the XS Series, which aim at “Studio Master” quality reproduction, including reaching to the frequencies required to deliver high-res audio.

“These are conventionally only sold in the Japanese domestic market," Jason Johnson from JVCKenwood Australia tells Australian Incar. “But due to high-res support on the DMX7, DDX9, DNX5 and DNX9 units, we’ve decided that these would prove to be a perfect companion for our Kenwood Android Auto and CarPlay flagship units.”

Yet the incoming KFC-XS1703 package is no bank breaker, going to retail here in Australia at $549. This includes two tweeter pods using 25mm soft-dome tweeters, and the two bass drivers with 17cm high-rigidity glass-fibre cones mounted in high rigidity aluminum frames.

The tweeter is an entirely new design from its magnetic circuit to the diaphragm material, its signal fed via a high-pass filter using an audiophile-level film capacitor which has almost zero electrical loss connected directly to the tweeter. Its pod design corresponds to many existing vehicles, says Kenwood, allowing installation of the tweeter to the original position in many cases.

Its upper frequency response extends to 48kHz at -10dB, so that in combination with a head unit capable of high-res audio output, it can deliver all that a 96kHz high-res source file can deliver.

KFC-XS1703In addition to their light-weight high-strength glass-fibre cones and high-rigidity aluminum baskets to minimise vibration even when used at volume, the woofers in the KFC-XS1703 package include a dual-radiused profile combining two curves with different diameters at the edge to achieve improved amplitude linearity, while a patented AFC+Tornado damper dispersing the stress applied to the damper, again aiding linearity of response. The rear magnet cover and assembly has been optimised for smooth flux flow to reduce unnecessary distortions, while the magnet cover allows optimum control of  air flow and back pressure from the diaphragm, while its 66.5mm depth maintains easy installability.

On top of all that, it’s a looker too! The KFC-XS1703 package is launching this month. 


Price: $549

Type: 2-way 2-speaker system
Tweeters: 25mm soft-dome
Woofers: 17cm high-rigidity glass-fibre
Instant maximum input: 180W
Rated input: 45W
Quoted frequency response: 25Hz-48kHz (-10dB)
Efficiency: 83dB
Impedance: 4 ohms
Dimensions (whd): 43.3 x 50 x 40.4mm (tweeter); 156 x 156 x 66.5mm (woofer)
Weight: 0.05kg (tweeter), 0.64kg (woofer)

More info: www.kenwood.com.au

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