Directed Electronics Australia - in conjunction with CGU Insurance - has announced the roll-out of Mobileye Advanced Collision Avoidance system to Australian fleet operators.

The programme will be assessing the viability of including the technology into the Gridtraq GPS telematics systems to establish what the companies call “a benchmark for ‘good driver behaviour’”. The technology has been developed by Mobileye N.V. a specialist developer of camera-based driver assistance systems.

With Mobileye, unsafe driving behaviour will be reported in real time while further reports will be produced for daily, weekly and monthly analysis. These reports will include ‘Lane Departure’ warnings, ‘Forward Collision’ warnings, ‘Pedestrian and Cyclist Collision’ warnings, ‘Distance-keeping’ (headway) warnings and ‘Speeding’ warnings.

The system has been designed with a view to monitor driver behaviour in order to reduce accidents, collisions, insurance claims and more. Also of benefit will be more robust Risk Management control, increasing improvement to driver behaviour and techniques, reduced fuel consumption, reduced maintenance costs and much more. 

“Driver distraction accounts for up to 93 percent of road incidents, and a three second lack of concentration is the cause of up to 80 percent of them. Now with CGU’s roll out of Mobileye technology fleet drivers can receive up to a three second incident warning, affording them a reaction time thereby reducing up to 80 percent of incidents” said Directed Electronics’ Business Development Manager Dylan Hartley.

For more information visit Directed Electronics here.