Audison’s latest masterpiece the new bit Play HD has now emerged from the developmental labs of Italian stalwart Audison as part of the Ellettromedia conglomerate.

The bit Play HD is a departure from Audison’s normal fare and an efficient descriptor would be to refer to it as an ‘advanced information router/hub and virtual Swiss army knife of mass storage’. However the unit is anything but simple. It’s able to intake, handle and route all manner of formats thanks to its specially designed CPU. It can handle just about any file type from basic MP3, AAC, FLV, and OGG through to more advanced variants like MPEG, WAV, MKV, DivX and their associated derivatives. It even handles FLAC.

Physically speaking, there are two primary methods for importing information, starting with twin version 2.0 USB ports. From there it gets a little more intricate, utilising the unit’s internet hotspot and USB Wi-Fi dongle. This allows you to interface with your smartphone in order to perform two main functions, the first being that you can use your phone to feed it information. More impressively, you can control various aspects of the bit Play HD via your smartphone using the App and communicating via DLNA protocol. An expanded version of the bit Play HD is also available and is called the bit Play HD-SSD which is essentially the same but with a 240GB, SATA 3.0 solid state hard drive installed. Once you have your information obtained, albeit via external storage device feeding in, internal drive feeding out or streaming direct from your smartphone, you’re then able to export it via a myriad of methods starting with basic analogue audio stereo and video composite pre-outs.


This is where the bit Play HD starts pulling ahead of the struggling competition à la Usain Bolt because seeing as it handles ultra-high definition files there is also a TOSLINK (a.k.a. S/PDIF) optical port and version 1.3 HDMI output so you can experience true high definition entertainment in all its glory. Output specifications are likewise impressive including a dazzling total harmonic distortion of 0.003 percent and a signal to noise ratio of 100dBA.

The bit Play HD comes with both basic (USR) and advanced (ASR) infra-red remotes. You use the ASR when you have a screen connected as it affords you the full gambit of menus. When running without visuals you use either the USB or smartphone App to access basic menus. Alternatively, you have the option of accessing limited features using Audison’s trademark DRC display sold separately. Lastly the bit Play HD also features Audison’s proprietary AC-LINK connection, allowing it to interface digitally with all Audison bit processors and amplifiers.

This is quite the innovative little adventure Audison has embarked on here, with the bit Play HD being akin to a control tower, or a media hub, merrily sitting at the center of your system directing electronic traffic to where it needs to go.

We see a lot of potential here and the bit Play HD is furthering the horizons of media integration within the in-car space.

For more information visit Audison.