Android Auto will potentially be in every car very soon. That’s one hell-of-a claim but it was made by none other than Gerard Schobbe Product Manager at Android Auto on his blog site. And indeed, it’s all a ‘Go’.

According to Schobbe, there are now over 200 cars from around 50 manufacturers with Android Auto installed at the factory via the standard head units. But now, Android has opened up possibilities for older cars, even ones without a screen. A revised Android Auto with a redesigned interface now allows your Android smartphone (software version 5.0 and later) to function as a navigation tool while providing easy on-screen access to your music, hands-free telephony and messaging.

Voice commands will allow a wide variety of App functionality and deliver access to Apps such as Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music and more while also providing turn-by-turn directions via Google Maps.

The update will also feature an automatic start-up of the App as soon as your Bluetooth phone is paired with the existing head unit. An enhancement to functionality has been introduced whereby saying “OK Google” (a la “Hello Siri”) will allow access to messaging, navigation and telephony therefore providing a safer motoring experience.

The new Android Auto Version 2.0 is rolling out to around 30-odd countries.