Alpine PDX-F6GC
Gold has always been a symbol of prestige and quality. So what better way to celebrate what has become an extremely highly-regarded amplifier than by releasing a special edition in Gold livery?
This is exactly what Alpine has done with its superb PDX-F6 amplifier – now in its ‘GC’ Gold Collection version – and it has blossomed into a beautifully-built example of car audio amplification design. Alpine has a tradition of releasing state-of-the-art special versions of 
its amplifiers starting with the legendary  F#1 Status range which is highly sought-after and still revered among audio enthusiasts the world over. 
The PDX-F6GC is a high current digital Class-D amplifier with each of its four channels being rated to produce over 150 watts continuous when presented with a 2- to 4-ohms load. This rating is not overblown marketing hype as the amplifier complies with CES2006 standards and Alpine provides a birth certificate with verification with each amplifier. 
And for the PDX-F6GC, Alpine has managed to wring out what may just about be the very best specifications of any amplifier extant. We’re talking a total harmonic distortion 
of 0.003% measured at 10 watts and an outstanding full power distortion of 0.05% coupled to a signal-to-noise ratio of 118dB at full power and a damping factor of approximately 1000. Outstanding.
And the sound quality followed the extraordinary specifications with a sonic presentation which was powerful, in control and intimately detailed.
We’ll wager that, given a few years, the PDX-F6GC will be considered an iconic Alpine amplifier. A true winner.