YBA’s new Australian distributor, Audio Heaven, has released the YBA Heritage A-100 integrated amplifier, which has five line-level unbalanced inputs (via RCA) plus a fully-balanced XLR input. ‘What’s more, this superb and extremely well-reviewed integrated amplifier has a bypass feature on the video input,’ said Craig Johnstone of Audio Heaven. ‘This means that the preamplifier section can be bypassed if for example you choose to connect a home theatre processor. In addition it also has a pre-out feature allowing for the connection of an active subwoofer, a separate power amplifier or perhaps a pair of powered speakers.

As with all YBA products, the Heritage A-100 has a conventional Class AB solid-state output stage, which in the case of the A-100 is rated to deliver 100-watts per channel into 8Ω loads and 150-watts per channel into 4Ω loads. There’s a good reason for the use of Class AB. According to Yves-Bernard André, the founder of YBA, he’s built some Class D amplifiers, but not one has ever made it to production. ‘Class D has many good points,’ he told Australian Hi-Fi. ‘It is less expensive to produce, there’s no need for big heat sinks, the amplifiers can be very small and they run very cool. But the big problem is the sampling frequency. After a huge effort you can get a good-sounding result, but I feel even this lacks some life, and is somewhat artificial.’ So had he thought about building YBA valve amplifiers, we asked. It seemed not. ‘Tubes sound very good, but it is like cream always on your cake. Transistors are very difficult to master, but if you succeed, it is the best.

As with all YBA products, the Heritage A-100 has a distinctively uncluttered appearance, partly because the on/off switch is located underneath the amplifier and most operations are controlled via the remote, which even allows you to adjust front-panel display brightness.

Manufacturer's Specifications: YBA Heritage A-100 Integrated Amplifier

Power Output: 100-watts per channel (8Ω)
S/N Ratio: 95dB
THD&N: 0.04%
Frequency Resp: 20Hz – 20kHz (–0.5dB)
Dimensions (WDH): 430×400×118mm
Weight: 9.3kg

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