Yamaha’s first new 77 Series model for 2014 offers a new mode called ‘Virtual Cinema Front’ where all five speakers can be placed at the front of the room, yet you’ll still hear surround sound…

Yamaha has released its first new AV receiver model for 2014, the 5.1-channel RX-V377. Rated at 70-watts per channel (into 6Ω), it’s the least expensive model in Yamaha’s 77-Series range ($549 RRP) yet still uses discrete amplifiers and 192kHz/24-bit Burr-Brown DACs. It’s also the first model to offer a new mode Yamaha calls ‘Virtual Cinema Front’ whereby all five speakers can be placed at the front of the room, rather than having two speakers along the walls or at the back of the room. ‘This unique feature is set to open the door to surround sound for an untapped market by accommodating environments in which speaker placement behind the listener is not a practical option,’ said Justin d’Offay, of Yamaha Music Australia. ‘The new virtual cinema front feature adds a new dimension of flexibility by delivering exhilarating surround sound in any room regardless of the placement of surround speakers.

The RX-V377 has an ‘Extra Bass’ circuit that can increase the level of bass you hear from your loudspeakers—including that from small speakers—and YPAO auto-calibration that tailors the receiver to the room’s acoustic signature by measuring the performance of connected speakers.

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