Boulder Amplifiers, which is based in Colorado, released a new Class A amplifier at CES that operates only at 240V, and which it claims is ‘the world’s most powerful and accurate home stereo amplifier’.

The new Boulder 3060 Class-A stereo amplifier is rated with a power output of 900-watts per channel into 8Ω. ‘At nearly 450lbs and producing 900 WPC, the 3060 is by far the largest and most powerful stereo amplifier ever released by Boulder,’ said Rich Maez, Director, North and South American Sales and Marketing for Boulder.

According to Maez, the 3060’s audio circuitry is largely based on Boulder’s 3050 monobloc and uses 120 semiconductors in the output stage, whose bias currents are actively monitored and adjusted in order to increase efficiency and reduce wasted radiated heat energy. ‘It is capable of massive current swings, enabling the amplifier to drive any loudspeaker to realistic performance levels and units will only be shipped operating at 240V a.c. in order to guarantee full-rated power output. No 100V or 120V a.c. units will be produced,’ said Maez.

All the metalwork on the 3060 is produced in-house at Boulder, using Boulder’s own CNC machining facilities and features the distinctive angular appearance unique to all 3000 Series products. Each amplifier comes standard with a black granite and stainless steel base. Only US prices were quoted at CES, with Maez telling Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that the 3060 would retail in the US for $US115,000. ‘The 3060 is the second release in the 3000 Series and showcases Boulder’s latest thinking in amplification technology. The 3060 also expands the 3000 Series product line and marks a substantial improvement in performance over Boulder’s own 2000 Series, moving the game on from what has long been considered the benchmark in high-performance audio amplification,’ he said. ‘This sets the stage for numerous future developments in other series of Boulder products.

Boulder’s Australian distributor is Absolute HiEnd.

altPictured Above: Boulder's new 3060 Class-A Stereo amplifier, as released at CES2013. It's high power output means it has to have a mains supply voltage of at least 240-volts a.c., according to Rich Maez, of Boulder Amplifiers.