Wilson Audio has released the Wilson Audio Sasha DAW, which supersedes the Sasha Series 2 and is named to honour the late David Andrew Wilson, who founded Wilson Audio in the 70s.

As with almost all Wilson Audio loudspeakers, the Wilson Audio Sasha DAW uses a modular design with separate upper (midrange/treble) and lower (bass) enclosures to enable precise time domain regulation of the drivers for optimum accuracy and coherence. The upper enclosure features the same 180mm midrange driver and 25mm tweeter used in Wilson Audio’s range-topping WAMM Master Chronosonic, while the lower enclosure has two newly re-designed 200m bass drivers that are based on the ones used in the Alexia Series-2. Both enclosures are built from Wilson Audio’s proprietary, vibration-resistant ‘X-material’ and ‘S-material’ composites. ‘The Sasha DAW delivers exceptional levels of sonic detail, dynamic range, transient speed and soundstage focus to deliver an engrossingly realistic music performance,’ said Nigel Ng, of Advance Audio Australia, which distributes Wilson Audio in Australia. Ng expects the speakers to become available early next year, at a projected retail price of $63,990 per pair (RRP). 

For more information, contact Advance Audio Australia