Wilson Audio’s newest loudspeaker, the Chronosonic XVX, although designed by Daryl Wilson, contains much of the technology found in the WAMM Master Chronosonic designed by his father, the late David Wilson, who founded the company in 1974.

Some of the technology developed for the WAMM now resides in the Chronosonic XVX in a simpler form, said John Giolas of Wilson Audio. ‘More than in any other previous loudspeaker, we have introduced more technology, features, and manufacturing processes in the Chronosonic XVX so that—short of the WAMM itself—no other loudspeaker reproduces music as realistically or communicates the emotional power of the artists so eloquently.

The midrange driver in the Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX is a ‘Quadramag’ design using an Alnico (ALuminum, NIckel, CObalt) magnet that was originally developed by Dave Wilson and Vern Credille. ‘The QuadraMag midrange combines Alnico magnets in an entirely re-imagined geometry,’ said Giolas, ‘so that four separate magnets are arranged in an innovative quadrature geometry, which improves efficiency and lowers distortion.

The Chronosonic XVX array uses the two-way midrange system first developed in the WAMM and subsequently used in a simplified form in the ALEXX, where the QuadraMag driver is partnered with a modified version of the 100mm midrange from the WAMM to form the lower section of the array, while a second QuadraMag driver at the top of the array flanks the front-firing Convergent Synergy Mk 5 tweeter (augmented by a second, rear-firing Convergent Synergy Mk 5 tweeter which, for the first time, has an attenuator adjustable from 0dB down to –37dB.)

The 254mm and 305mm bass drivers in the Chronosonic XVX were originally developed for the WAMM Master Chronosonic project and are housed in an ultra-low resonance woofer enclosure constructed from new composite materials details about which Wilson Audio says it’s not prepared to release at the present time. The exterior coat, however, can be optionally upgraded to a brand new finish for Wilson. ‘In addition to our standard and custom processes, we have added a new category of premium colours,’ says Giolas. ‘WilsonGloss Premium Pearl includes five new options which involve additional paint steps. Premium Pearl reflects light in a nuanced way—enhancing the depth of colour, which changes depending on the angle of view and represents the ultimate expression of sophistication and beauty.’

Wilson Audio says it won’t be shipping the Chronosonic XVX to its distributors until next month, but the company's Australia distributor, Advance Audio Australia, has pegged the price of the first pair to arrive at $560,000 (RRP).

For more information, contact Advance Audio Australia