Vitus Audio has released its RI-101 Integrated amplifier, which Vitus claims that although being based on the now eight-year-old RI-100 is greatly improved, due to the use of a more efficient 1kVA transformer and a new input stage. ‘Although the printed circuit boards look almost the same, there are many differences,’ said Hans-Ole Vitus of Vitus Audio. ‘In order to lower the noise level below that of the RI-100, and to further enhance the level of resolution and blackness, we now use a completely balanced preamplifier stage, powered by a much more complex and lower-noise regulated power supply.’ Another change is the volume control, with the new RI-101 using the same high-resolution volume control used in the Vitus Audio SL-103 and MP-L201.

The optional DAC/Streamer module that available for the RI-101 is a completely new design for Vitus Audio. ‘We use the ESS top DAC chip in this DAC, initially based on our wish to fully support DoP, which only very few DAC chips do for real,’ Vitus told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘Many consider this the best sounding DAC available, and equally as many find it a bit ‘digital’ and ‘cold’: Personally, I stand somewhere in the middle. Obviously, we created a design around the DAC which gave us the musicality we always strive for, plus we use a very robust streaming technology that delivers the best sound possible from streaming, which we can do from Airplay, Roon, MQA, Tidal, Spotify and more.’

Available now in Australia, the current price of the RI-101 (without the optional DAC module) is $18,900, but the Australian distributor, Boris Granovsky, of Absolute HiEnd, advised that as of 1 June 2018, the retail price would be increasing to $22,000 (RRP).

You can read a review of the original RI-100 HERE

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Vitus Audio RI-101

Rated power output (8Ω): 300-watts per channel
Rated power output (4Ω): 600-watts per channel
Frequency Range: 1Hz–800kHz
S/N Ratio: >100dB
THD: <0.011%
Input Sensitivity (Unbalanced): 70mV
Input Sensitivity (Balanced): 1.4V
Input Impedance: 22.1kΩ
Standby Power Consumption: <0.9-watts
Dimensions (HWD): 182×435×435mm
Weight: 38kg
Australian Price: $18,990 RRP*
*RRP after 1 June 2018 will be $22,000.

For more information, contact Absolute HiEnd