South Australian loudspeaker manufacturer VAF Research has introduced two new speakers, the VAF I-35 and the VAF I-45. The VAF I-35 is an entry-level two-way floor-standing speaker that replaces the company’s I-33, and the VAF I-45 is a true three-way floor-stander.

The VAF I-35 (pictured right, at the left) uses the same dual concentric coaxial driver as VAF’s stand-mount I-25 design, but because the driver is mounted in a cabinet with far greater volume than the I-25, it has a more extended bass response in the I-35, with VAF claiming a 3dB downpoint of 35Hz.

The new three-way VAF I-45 (pictured right at the right) is exactly the same size as the I-35 and uses the same dual concentric co-axial driver, but adds a proprietary magnesium-alloy framed bass driver which has a double magnet, copper shorting rings and an overhung voice-coil. ‘This is a highly linear and accurate driver with immense speed and detail capability,’ said Philip Vafiadis, founder and owner of VAF Research. ‘The dynamic capability of this speaker combination is impressive, even more so because it all comes from a floor-standing speaker that’s not even a metre high.’

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